What are Fat Freezing Devices and Is It Safe to Use at Home?

Unlike traditional fat reduction techniques, fat freezing can be done at home with the right devices. Using a non-invasive technique, the fat cells are frozen by exposing them to cold temperatures, causing natural cell destruction. The body eliminates the dead cells naturally after.

What is fat freezing?

what is fat freezing

Fat freezing is a form of fat reduction treatment which utilizes fat freezing devices. Otherwise known as cryolipolysis, fat freezing uses controlled cooling to eliminate excess and stubborn fat that cannot be remedied by a change in diet or exercise alone. Fat freezing is non-surgical and requires no anesthesia or pain medication.

How do fat freezing devices work?

Fat freezing in Singapore is used as an alternative to surgical treatments like liposuction to get rid of excess fats. Fat is drawn into the device by using a force of suction.

The vacuum pressure may cause some deep pulling, tugging, or pinching in the area while being treated but the sensation will subside with time.

how fat freezing works

The cryolipolysis machine can freeze excess fat in troublesome areas without leaving behind scars. This machine is most effective on the subcutaneous layer that lies just beneath the skin. Before the treatment begins, a gelatin-like sheet is placed over the skin. Then, a vacuum-like applicator is used on the targeted area to attract areas of fat into the machine before applying cool temperature to it.

What are the commonly used fat freezing devices?

To help enhance the silhouette and body contours, fat freezing machines have adopted various techniques and technologies for use in aesthetic clinics.

CoolTech IceSculpt

One of the more technologically advanced fat freezing treatment machine is by CoolTech. The CoolTech IceSculpt being the latest edition, this machine has 4 applicators that can target various parts of the body simultaneously, making it superior above the other fat freezing devices.

After the applicators draws in a portion of target tissue that in the subcutaneous layer, the device cools down and the targeted area is gently massaged. While so, the targeted fat is crystallized selectively to avoid harming other tissues like the skin, nerves, or blood.

CoolTech IceSculpt at Illumia Therapeutics

The crystallized fats are then broken down by the body and later excreted from the system. The CoolTech IceSculpt typically works faster as it targets multiple areas at a time.

Ultrasonic liposuction

This device can provide excellent target precision and offers the ability to contour the tissues. Ultrasonic liposuction emulsifies the fats before suctioning which allows for lesser bruising and better contouring.

ultrasonic liposuction fat freezing devices


CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved, non-invasive fat freezing treatment technology that targets only fat cells. The frozen and crystallized fat cells are then eliminated from the body. In clinics, professionals can easily perform spot reduction and body contouring.

CoolSculpting can target small and hard to reach areas such as the upper-arm, knees, or bra line areas.

coolsculpt fat freezing devices
CoolSculpting devices (source)

Clatuu Alpha

Clatuu Alpha is an effective and most affordable solution for excess fat loss. It has a patented 360-degree cooling system with multiple applicators of various shapes and sizes. This versatile device can target areas such as the double chin, inner and outer thighs, knees, love handles, tummy, flanks, arms, buttocks, and back.

clatuu fat freezing devices
CLATUU Alpha device (source)

Can I buy and use fat freezing devices online?

Always check the label on the fat freezer device to ensure its legitimacy. Research the authenticity of a machine. Machines approved by the FDA provide effective and quality results. Price varies depending on the machine and its features.

Can I use fat freezing devices at home?

fat freezing devices at home

It is inadvisable to do fat freezing treatments on your own without the trained eye of a professional.

Fat freezing is more than just freezing fats. As it involves using cold temperatures as far as -8 degrees Celsius, chances of risks and side effects being involved is higher when done by amateurs. Risks include getting a frostbite, severe numbness, excessive pain, or permanent tissue damage.

Getting the treatment done in a professional setting ensures safe usage of the cooling paddles or applicators on the body. At a clinic, the aesthetic doctor will assess the whole body to address potential treatment areas that will be discussed in a comprehensive consultation. A custom treatment plan for optimal results can be created accordingly afterwards.

Choose a professional who is competent and qualified and possesses a keen eye for beauty. Most importantly, individuals respond differently to the treatment, therefore, outcomes may differ from what is expected. The outcomes vary from person to person as every individual is unique and the treatment frequency or type used may not be the same.

Where can I get fat freezing treatments done in clinics?

where to do fat freezing clinics

Clinics typically use fat freezing treatments such as CoolTech 360 IceSculpt and CoolSculpting to treat and remove small areas of localized fat which are more sensitive to temperature. Aesthetic clinics in Singapore such as Illumia Therapeutics employ the use of advanced technologies to help you achieve your goals within a few sessions.

With the right nutrition and physical exercise as advised by your aesthetic doctor, results can be long-lasting.