Natural Ways to Tighten Stomach Skin

Whether the result of childbirth or fast weight loss, sagging skin in the belly can be quite frustrating.

Oftentimes, the problem won’t go away on its own and calls for a specific course of action. Luckily, for some of you, surgery won’t be necessary; instead, you can try a few natural remedies to tighten stomach skin and restore your previous body size. Here are the options.

Eat The Right Food to Tighten your Stomach

Diet to tighten stomach

When you fill your plate with foods that are abundant in vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibres, you improve skin elasticity. In turn, this helps to battle loose tissue. For example, vitamin C stimulates the formation of more collagen, which is the principle behind healthy, tight skin cells. It is available in potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, and tomatoes, to name a few. You also want to reach for cottage cheese, milk, fish, beans, and nuts because they contain collagen.

Additionally, healthy fats are essential for maintaining smooth and soft skin. Indulge in whole eggs, chia seeds, cheese, avocados, and other fat-rich foods. Lastly, if you would do everything in the name of maintaining skin elasticity, you’d stave off eating junk food. Keep your hands off of those French fries, salted snacks, carbonated beverages, and candy.

Strengthening Exercises to Tighten the Stomach

Regardless of the diet plan you set for yourself, you also need to perform specific exercises to target sagging, loose skin and fat in your belly. In case you don’t know, the outer covering of the body is made of different layers of tissue. With rapid fat loss, the skin doesn’t have enough time to shrink, which leads to some unsightly aftereffects. Building muscle can help fill the empty spaces and tighten the matter, and working out is the best possible way to do that. What is more, the fibrous tissue will better hold your organs in and keep your back from arching out excessively. It’s all benefits here. Let’s go over some possible exercises.

Sit-ups For Stomach Tightening

Start off by lying down on your back with your knees bent. Make sure your feet are set firmly on the ground. Cross your arms behind your head or over your chest, putting each hand on opposing shoulder. From this position, try to reach yourself up by tightening your abdominals. Lift your head first and then follow with your shoulder blades; now, lift your torso. Place all of the focus on the stomach and avoid pulling on your neck with your hands. Your upper body should come as close to your knees as possible. Hold for a moment all the while exhaling. To finish off, lower yourself down slowly, breathing in, to go back to starting position.

Crunches For Stomach Tightening

Crunches to tighten stomach

Lie on your back, bending your knees. Keep your feet on the ground, either closer together or hip-width apart. Put your hands behind your head and make sure your chest is open, elbows wide apart rather than drawn inward. Also, keep your chin up – there should be some space between it and your chest. Now, squeeze your abdominal muscles inwards, which means draw your belly button to your spine, and pull up from the floor. When you are at the top of the movement, breathe out. Hold this position for a few seconds. Then release. Remember to keep your chest in the whole time. Don’t just curl, you also want to lift yourself off the ground. Otherwise, you’re doing nothing.

Side Planks for Stomach Tightening

Exercise Side Plank to tighten stomach

Lie on your left or right side, with one forearm below the shoulder. Your feet should be together. Raise your hips from the ground to form a straight line with your body and hold the position for 40 seconds. Throughout the whole exercise, you want to keep your core contracted. If you are doing it correctly, you will begin to feel a burning sensation in your abdominal area. Repeat on the other side.

Note: Those exercises will not make you lose weight, their sole purpose is to build muscle in your belly and improve its appearance. Now, if you’ve recently delivered a baby, talk to your healthcare provider before starting your new routine. It is recommended to wait at least two months prior to engaging in an intense physical activity.

Stay Hydrated

How is that related, you would ask? It turns out water has a huge impact on the appearance of your skin, which is why it is vital to drink enough amounts of it on a regular basis. As you know, the human body is mostly made up of H20. Staying dehydrated not only interferes with skin elasticity but also affects your system’s normal functions and puts you at risk for muscle cramps, constipation, constant fatigue, kidney and liver problems, etc.

Now, you probably heard the general rule of thumb is eight glasses of water a day;  however, that’s a ballpark amount. The truth is that the daily H20 intake is different for everyone and is determined depending on one’s activity, lifestyle, and weight. There is a formula that you can use to determine the minimum amount of fluid to drink on the regular. It goes like this: you need 0.033 litres (1 oz.) of water for every one kilogramme (2 lb) of body weight.

Is It Really Possible to Tighten Stomach Skin Naturally?

The truth is, certain health conditions are best treated through surgery, which can be costly. However, it depends on how serious the issue is. If you have recently lost a lot of weight too quickly and the excess skin is bugging you, you can address the problem without going under the knife. In fact, it is recommended to try the non-invasive options first and then, if things don’t turn out as desired, go the surgical route. But if your case is not like that and you need some sort of surgical intervention, you should be very careful and do your research in order to pick the best doctor to do the procedure.

Without a doubt, the most successful plan will be one that builds muscle in the area, provides the necessary nutrients to the dermis and epidermis, and helps you stay hydrated. These are all steps that you can take on your own which will spare you a trip to the doctor’s office. Even if it doesn’t solve the problem completely, it will still make a difference. But you should be patient because these things don’t happen overnight.