Stomach Liposuction – What You Should Know

What exactly is a Stomach Liposuction?

vaser liposuction

Everyone has been talking about stomach liposuction in Singapore for years but what exactly is a liposuction? In simple terms, it is essentially a cosmetic procedure that aims to remove fats in a specific part of your body via suction tubes or a “cannula”. Over the years, tummy liposuction has grown popular and commonplace in Singapore, with an increasing demand from younger men and women.

How is it done?

Traditionally, stomach liposuction involves the use of a thin tube known as a “cannula” that is attached to a suction device. The cannula then effectively sucks out fat cells from your body which may be disposed or redirected to other parts of your body (such as your boobs). Traditional liposuction is still in practice today and remains a mainstream option for many seeking cheaper tummy liposuction.

stomach liposuction process
A more medically advanced technique, known as VASER, is the more recommended version of liposuction. VASER employs the same principle of sucking fats through a suction tube, but the main difference is that this procedure melts fats using a high-precision ultrasound technology. In doing so, VASER is able to more effectively and selectively remove fat without affecting other important structures under the skins, such as blood vessels and nerve tissues. When done well, VASER Liposuction can give very good results.

Despite the traditional “manual” process being more time consuming, it is far safer in the hands of the right doctor. Unfortunately, not many surgeons these days like to spend the time and effort to do a manual op.

Before & After

before after stomach liposuction female before after stomach liposuction male

What is the cost of a stomach liposuction in Singapore?

Liposuction is a relatively straightforward cosmetic procedure that charges by per removal region. What this means is that if you’re looking to perform liposuction on only your stomach, you get charged for that. In the event that you want two or more tummy liposuction procedures on different areas on your body, you’ll be charged accordingly. Different treatment areas may also differ in pricing (e.g. arms and tummy)

In Singapore, traditional stomach liposuction costs typically range from $1,500 to $4,000 per area of the body involved and the doctor’s expertise.

What are the side effects involved?

A little pain is inevitable, since a suction tube is involved, after all. Bruising and swelling are also common, followed by numbness that may persist for a week. The manifestation of side effects is dependent on your genetics and of course, the expertise of your surgeon. VASER is an excellent option if you want to reduce side effects and overall inconvenience.

Should I have my stomach liposuction done in Singapore?

Definitely. Liposuction, whether traditional or VASER, can be performed at half the cost in neighbouring countries like Thailand and Malaysia. That is surely tempting, but side effects management, follow-ups and revisions are very important in improving liposuction results and overall experience. Having your trusted local doctor to be ready when you need him is a safety net to have. Aside from that, you’ll want the mental security of having your procedure performed by quality surgeons.

How to make liposuction safer?

For liposuction, safety is going to be the most important factor to consider. Typical VASER lipo will have a high tendency to cause “lumpiness” and reddish skin. It is also likely for your doctor to recommend you coming for followup treatments using RF tech. All these add to extra hidden costs.

Dr. Adrian Ooi from Illumia Medical uses a safe method of liposuction which drastically reduces the risk of lumpiness, reddish skin or dead cells. In fact, it’s so safe that repeated treatments are possible. I highly recommend you consult him for liposuction. The doctor will be able to explain much more about the dangers of each procedure during the consult. Honest surgeons are always a smart choice.