Loose Skin and Stretch Marks

Loose skin is often the result of an extreme fat loss.

Have you noticed some of your friends who lost weight? Check around their thigh or upper arm areas and it’s quite certain you will find some stretch marks. When stretch marks get too extreme, it will result in loose, hanging skin.

loose skin

See this video of an extreme weight loss of an American guy that lost 100kg!

He is definitely fit and muscular now, but there’s no way any diet or exercise can ever fix that loose skin for him.

When such a thing happens to our tummy area, it’s depressing. What’s more depressing is that it wasn’t even really our fault for being lazy and getting too fat. It was simply something that happened because of our pregnancy!

So what can we do to rectify this? First, let’s go through what DOES NOT work.

Exercise + Diet

Let’s touch on the so-called “natural remedy” for saggy skin that our Singapore friends often advise.

Scroll up to the video of the American who lost 100kg. Do you really believe that exercise and diet can remove the saggy skin?

Exercise and diet reduce the percentage of body fat and help you build muscle and become leaner. So we know it helps reduce fat and grow muscle. But what do exercise and diet do for the skin? Absolutely nothing.

There is no way to get rid of saggy and loose skin through exercise and diet. Stretch marks are possible to remove with enough discipline but it’s impossible to do the same for loose skin.

Lipo as a solution?

If you speak to anyone about your loose and saggy skin, most will tell you to try liposuction as a remedy.

However, if you think about it, all liposuction does is effectively remove excess fat from underneath your skin.

As such, although liposuction is so popular in Singapore, it does not work as a solution for loose, hanging skin. In fact, as much as we all love to say “diet and exercise” are always the key, this is one situation where it doesn’t help. The only real solution for serious loose or saggy skin is to do a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty in Singapore.

There are a few clinics that specialize in tummy tucks. A quick trawl through local forums will help immensely. To understand more about how a tummy tuck works, read our article about abdominoplasty here.